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MindShare Musings: Professional Learning Summer Edition

The Connectors, Leaders, and People on the Move

“The only sign of life is growth,” my very wise grade 12 high school teacher Mrs. Fogerty wrote in my yearbook.. Funny how some things stick! It sort of became a mantra of mine and with that, I’m pleased to share our emerging services infographic. It captures the essence of our MindShare Learning “Connect to Success” solutions paradigm to better serve you. Innovation has remained our hallmark to better meet the needs of a very complex and fast moving education sector in Canada. Please connect with me if you’d like to explore further with us.

MindShare Learning “Connecting to Success” Solutions

On the eve of the 5th anniversary of the iPhone, I wanted to share this impactful infographic.. It’s hard to imagine what life would have been like had the iPhone not existed. iPhone: The 5-Year-Old That Changed the World

Rapid eLearning expert and fellow Pepperdine U alum Tom Kuhlmann (@tomkuhlmann) shares: Three Ways That These 70 Rapid E-Learning Tips Will Help You Build Better Courses. Speaking of Pepperdine, fellow MALT/EdTech master’s alums note we have a summer Alum VirtCamp upcomg in two weeks at the Malibu Campus. If you haven’t registered here’s the link. I’m hoping to see you there.

Serious business! ICTC Addresses Skills Shortages at the House of Commons Standing Committee. In order to prepare of future leaders, we need to have a pulse for where the jobs are. Apparently, there is a serious disconnect that presents challenges when national organizations have no jurisdiction on education.

The Honor Roll: 50 Must-Read K–12 Education IT Blogs via @SNewco

Checkout the SIIA Vision Website. SIIA member companies are the providers of the educational content, online services and software applications necessary to power U.S. education in the 21st century.

We’re proudly Canadian, hence the puck promo. More importantly, it’s about our mission and message…read it! We welcome your comments! Inspired by Wayne Gretzky’s dad.

It was great attending Dr. Rob Tiffin, VP Student Services, York University retirement celebration recently. I had the pleasure of serving with Rob on the President’s College Review Task Force. Congratulations on the legacy you leave after a 10-year run. Interesting to note, I was speaking about the need to create a virtual college community some five years ago which continues to be a challenge for a university of some 50,000 plus students.

I’m a BIG fan of augmenting listening skills, thanks to my mentor and friend, Dr. Greg Malszecki. Here’s a tweet and link from a Harvard Business Review article: The Discipline of Listening.

I love the concept of Google’s 80/20 Principle that was adopted at New Jersey School. Has your school or company implemented such as program? I’d love to hear from you.

For those of you not wanting to come to terms with the realities of where the textbook publishing market is going. You need to look no further than the sales of hardcover books in the U.S. this past year. eBook Sales Surpass Hardcover for First Time in U.S.

Discovery Education has certainly stepped up and taken the innovation challenge as one example. Speaking with Andy Schaefer, VP sales recently, he shared that their new ScienceTechBook has received several District-wide adoptions in Canada.

In case you missed it, our Top 10 News stories for June! Bonus Video interivew: Dr. Michael Fullan goes digital with his new book, Stratosphere!

A post interview Kodak moment (Left) showing off Dr. Fullan’s book in a digital format!

As we put a wrap to our 2011/12 academic year of publishing, we wish you a` safe and enjoyable summer. Until next time, be sure to walk the digital talk!

Cheers, R.

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