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EdTech Tips for Schools Buyer’s Guide 2014

When it comes to purchasing technology for schools and classrooms, there are so many choices out there it can seem impossible to know if you’re really making the right decision for your staff and students’ teaching and learning needs. MindShare Learning is here to help you consider all the elements involved in your purchase with our latest infographic, EdTech Tips for Schools Buyer’s Guide. You’ll find many important questions to ask before you commit to a particular product, brand, or service. Click to enlarge.


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  1. If I may be so bold, I was recently asked how one should decide which educational technology was right for them, and I highlighted four criteria of an exceptional technology.

    1. The technology should be purpose built for education, with a grounding based on firm research results … purpose built

    2. The technology should also have been directly researched itself to insure it accomplishes what it claims … research backed

    3. The technology should directly exercise core learning outcomes in obvious ways such that one can clearly say things like “here is where critical thought comes into play, and here is were receptive communication comes into play” – LO targeted exercise

    4. The highest level technologies will assess these learning outcomes as they exercise them, simultaneously providing a structured environment for the practice of core 21st Century Skills AND a direct way of assessing those skills. – LO assessment

    And of course technologies should be easy to use for both teachers and students, and should make for a relevant and engaging learning experience for students. But this is really only relevant if the first 3 in the list are met, otherwise it’s the desert without the nutritional meal. :)

    Thanks Robert!

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