About MindShare Learning

MindShare Learning Technology is at the forefront of educational innovation in Canada. As a pioneering EdTech consulting and media company, we specialize in connecting cutting-edge technology solutions with educators from kindergarten through to higher education (K20). Leveraging over 25 years of deep expertise in digital media and marketing strategy, we are dedicated to transforming education. Our initiatives facilitate impactful learning experiences that empower students to excel in a digital world. MindShare Learning is not only the proud publisher of the influential MindShare EdTech Reports but also the founder of the esteemed Canadian EdTech Leadership Summits and the prestigious Canadian EdTech Awards. Join us in shaping the future of education, driving innovation, and enhancing learning outcomes nationwide.


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What we do

Our mission is to transform learning in the 21st century by inspiring and sharing innovative best practices and success stories in the Canadian education landscape and beyond.

We coach, inspire and counsel EdTech start-ups, technology producers, hardware manufacturers and digital learning solution providers to meet emerging market needs by overcoming obstacles to support student success.


Our vision is to build long-term, mutually beneficial trusting partnerships with our clients and the border education community, through open communication and clearly defined goals and objectives. We are results-drive, highly focused and disciplined, applying sound strategy to business innovation.

“The future of learning is about interconnected human networks powered by pedagogy and technology”

Robert Martellacci, President & Publisher, MindShare Learning


At MindShare Learning, we believe that:

  • The future of learning is about interconnected human networks powered by pedagogy and technology
  • Learning technology solutions and tools can enhance learning, if integrated effectively in the classroom and learning environments;
  • Teacher professional development is critical to successful education implementations;
  • Not all learning technology tools and content are created equally;
  • It’s about preparing students to be successful global digital citizens;
  • Digital knowledge is the power of the 21st century.

About The MindShare Learning Report™

Canada’s Learning & Technology eMagazine.

The MindShare Learning Report™ is Canada’s leading K12 and post-secondary learning and technology eMagazine. Our goal is to empower the K20 sector with the latest trends and best practices from the Canadian education market and beyond. Stay informed and inspired to help students thrive with our Mindshare TV Podcasts, Canadian & International news headlines, research and EdTech strategic events in the K-20 learning space.

Editorial content for the monthly issue is due the third week of every month.

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