Exclusive Podcast with Hilary Scharton, Vice President of K-12 Product Strategy, Instructure

An exclusive podcast with Robert Martellacci and VP of K-12 Product Strategy, Hilary Scharton; discussing learning managment systems, online learning, and the Instructure LMS, Canvas.
Hilary Scharton loves education and has worked in it, in some form or another, for her entire career. As VP of K-12 Product Strategy for Canvas, she sets the strategic vision for how Canvas makes its products even more awesome for students and teachers across the globe, while focusing on leveraging technology to support improved instruction and equitable access for all students.
Prior to joining Instructure in 2012, Hilary served as a psychologist for Utah school districts, spending her time focused on RtI and PBIS for schools and classrooms as well as Special Ed assessment. Before that, she worked in higher ed teaching classes in psychology, education, and English at Utah State and Illinois State Universities.