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In an effort to be condense the MSL Report, we’re linking the Musings from the report to a blog post on our website in the spirit of efficiency as I know I can be verbose!

The Canadian-inspired (University of Waterloo alum) Pebble smart watch is coming (finally) at CES 2013. Can’t wait to get mine!

Congrats to our friends Mike and Jennifer from TIG who shared that @takingitglobal earned a spot on the @greatnonprofits 2012 Top-Rated List!

Our K12 editor Tim Gard share this excellent Report: Evidence Framework from the Office of Educational Technology from the U.S. Department of Education.

From the Twittersphere: Students studying at the brand new Contact North online learning centre in Attawapiskat via @ContactNorth

I’m so impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit of our youth. This article is a testament to a bright future ahead. A ‘phenomenal’ year for Canada’s young tech companies.

In case you missed it, here are our our Top 10 Canadian EdTech Predictions for 2013! We welcome your feedback!

This just in: Canadian School Board Revenues & Expenses.

If you’re looking for great stats on K12 education, check out StatsCan: Summary Elementary and Secondary School Indicators for Canada.

Congratulations to Dr. Ron Owston as he was appointed interim dean of the Faculty of Education at  York University. We thank him for his valued years he served on the MindShare Learning advisory board.

Be sure to drop me a note when you have a success story to share!

Until next time, keep the digital learning curve steep!

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