Top 10 EdTech Trends for 2021

Dear Thought Leader,

Happy New Year! 2020 was a year to remember for many good reasons in education. The mass innovation and transformation, coupled with shining a light on student equity and inclusion, leveled the playing field in many ways.

Teachers were empowered to embrace ‘mission critical’ learning technology tools, many of which will no doubt remain beyond the pandemic. The self-learning and co-learning that is happening with parents, classmates and colleagues is heartwarming. The notion that #wereallinthis together rings so true in 2021.

I hope you find our Top 10 Trends in EdTech that we see shaping the future insightful. Hopefully, they broaden your perspective on teaching and learning beyond COVID, whether you are a student, educator, parent or EdTech solution provider.

This marks our special lucky13th (born on the 13th!) Special Edition Top 10 Canadian EdTech Trends Report as I gaze into my crystal ball. Additionally, I rely heavily on my colleagues, peers, mentors, MindShare Report advisory board, C21 Canada members and my wife who keeps me grounded daily!

Despite the devastating pandemic, as a passionate lifelong learner and parent of three Gen Z kids, I have never been more optimistic about Canadian education and the innovative spirit of our future leaders. We have accelerated and innovated learning by necessity that is propelled us at least 5 years into the future. It was exhausting, frightening, and challenging to everyone immersed in the ecosystem. We made it to 2021 and while it was not perfect, you, we collectively made an immense impact on students to become more independent learners, creators, and problem solvers.

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Interview with John Kershaw and David Roberts

[audio:] John Kershaw and David Roberts of the 21st Century Learning Associates at the ABEL Summit, York University podcast interview.