3 Tactics To Build A Great Team

1. Do Fun Things Together
Teams come together through “shared bonding experiences”. It’s uber-important to do activities
with your team members that allow them to be more of their true selves and connect with each
other as human beings. This will directly translate into superior team performance.
2. Praise Publicly, Coach Privately
Smart leaders understand the power of publicly praising excellence in action. So do it often.
Coach your teammates as to areas they need to improve in private. So they can save face.

3. Have A Bold Mission To Achieve
People automatically come together when they feel they have some bold mission to achieve.
So give your team a clear mountaintop. Some bold goal that will not only evoke the best within them but one that will inspire them to roll up their sleeves and work together to realize the
passionate and important objective.

By Robin Sharma

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