It was an honour to be interviewed by Larry Jacobs of Education Talk Radio from Boston this past week. You can listen to the recorded version here on All  About EdTech in Canada.

Kudos to Brenda Sherry and her ECOO 2011 for take ECOO 2011 to new heights!  Bill Mackenzie, ECOO, president shared that Alison Slack of eLearning Ontario will be taking on the reins as ECOO 2012 Chair. Congrats Alison!

Checkout how the Internet is Revolutionizing  Education: Trends | Infographic: Best Education Sites: Schools (Higher Ed) that Rule the Web 

John Palbom touched base recently to give me a heads up that he appeared on Rogers Cable 10 in Durham to discuss SMARTboards and how to support people with disabilities.

Lots of good stuff coming from Apple in education: Apple’s iPad grabs education lead, says surveyApps for learning

Not to ignore Apple’s arch rival: Microsoft’s Acquisition of Skype Is Now Official. Lots of good stuff to come for education-

Thanks to Forbes magazine for Ranking Canada #1 place in the World to do Business ….Wow what an honour! If you lead an education company looking to expand into Canada. We’re happy to discuss how we can help you to navigate the complex channels to gain a footprint in the Canadian education space.


Also south of the boarder, Dr. Eric Hamilton, MindShare Learning Advisory Board member and Associate Dean of the School of Education and Psychology at my Pepperdine University alma mater shared they have just received a new NSF grant to focus on teacher creativity and intergenerational work on teachers and students. TechSmith has also been supporting the work.  Most of their work is in LA, and are working some partnerships in Chicago and have some established partnerships in Mexico City and Nairobi.  Dr. Hamilton gave a workshop talk on this with one of his teachers, at CSCL in Hong Kong.  The workshop paper is on his dropbox.

ERAC 21st Century Learning Made Easy–Helping your students to connect all the dots should be easy, and we have a video that will show you just how easy it really can be. Accessing top quality digital content to support the curriculum needs of your students is explored through this simple 8 minute video .

Congrats ERAC has reached an agreement for money-saving member discounts on FrontRow audio systems. Ongoing FrontRow discounts offer ERAC members great savings on all FrontRow systems and major components, as well as additional volume discounts for large orders of 100 units or more.

Interview with Mike Doyle, Special Skills Development Coordinator at DSBN

Great to see Dave Parkes at the ECOO conference now working for Texthelp as a regional sales director after leading Educational Resources Canada for many years. I ran into long-time Canadian Edtech executive,  Avi Oaknineat the Catholic Curriculum Cooperative WFMP conference Director’s dinner this past week.  Avi shared that he’s now back with Apple after several years with Adobe. Michael Bator, Executive Director of the CCC did a masterful job as MC at the dinner.

For those trend setters….Gartner’s Top 10 tech trends for 2012. Interesting how the buzz went from #1.Cloud Computing (now 10th) to Mobile computing in top spot in just one year. We are truly in a digital revolution! You heard it hear more than once folks! Until next time, walk the digital talk! Cheers, R.M.