MindShare Learning Podcast Interview with 12 year-old Adora Svitak, One of the World's Youngest Teachers


Adora Svitak published her first book at seven. She lives in Redmond, Washington with her parents and sister. She enjoys reading about history, writing stories and poems, following current events, and playing with her sister and friends. Awareness: Adora inspires other kids to extend their interests beyond sports and video games. Her stories are catchy, funny, sophisticated and down-to-earth. Her first book “Flying Fingers”- Master the Tools of Learning Through the Joy of Learning” is a compilation of her historical fiction and fantasy stories, followed by tips on writing for kids and suggestions for parents to become a better coach. She is inspired to continue where J.K Rowling started–‘reading revolution’ and take reading to a new level. Media: Adora’s media impact extends all the way to Asia and middle east, where she has sparked an emerging trend in child writers. The Chinese edition of her book is already set for publication, and a South Korean edition is soon to follow. In the U.S Adora has appeared on Good Morning America, Evening Magazine, and local Seattle news broadcasts. She has been featured in parenting magazines, and Seattle area newspapers. She gives writing presentations at local schools, bookstores and book fairs. Communication: Adora is a great communicator, who speaks from a writer’s point of view as well as a child’s. Her first book stemmed form the idea that she could share her love for reading and writing. Adora has advice for parents and kids alike; her presentations feature concrete tips on writing, learning, and finding the courage and persistence to live a creative life. Community Work: Adora is actively involved with local schools where she gives storytelling presentations, hosts interactive writing demonstrations, and answers student questions. To encourage reading and writing, she donated copies of her book and writing supplies to Seattle area low income schools.