A Mindshare Learning Moment with Dr. Anju Bajaj

This Week in Canadian EdTech Tv with Dr. Anju Bajaj, Stem Educator, Canadian EdTech Teacher of the Year Award Winner

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Ed Tech K -12 Educator of the Year. Now what?
By: Dr. Anju Bajaj

I am excited and humbled to have received EdTech K-12 Educator of the Year Award from the 11th Canadian International EdTech Leadership Summit 2020. Since I received a notification about that award, I have felt an assortment of feelings: gratitude, grace, recognition, and appreciation.

When I was a small girl, growing up in India, I would ask my father …why, why, why? I was eager to learn and wanted to know how things work. I loved science. It was a natural fit for me. Becoming a teacher allowed me to show my gratitude for learning. Sharing my knowledge with my students has become the purpose of my life. I see and recognize in my students the very same hunger and passion for knowledge that I experienced as a child. I am always enthusiastic and excited to create new opportunities for students to learn, to explore, and to widen their horizons. Teaching IS my passion!!!

Thank you to Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech Founder, MindShare Workspace and his committee for organizing such a versatile summit for teachers, leaders, policymakers, and other professionals! It is clear from this summit that the future of learning is no longer restricted to the school building. During these extraordinary times we need to embrace change and adapt new innovative ways to incorporate technology.

An example of my recent adaption is that I presented a national webinar for Lets Talk Science on the topic of “Social Distancing: Prototype, Design, and Build”. It explored the design and build process of Science curriculum connections. It was used with students to identify, design, and refine prototypes that enforce social distancing. The exploration was an interactive approach to address a relevant world issue. In this webinar, we had the social distancing conversation in an educational and fun-filled way.

I suggest to other educators to share their ideas at mindsharelearn.ca and keep inspiring and sharing innovative best practices and success stories in the Canadian education landscape and beyond. To conclude I would say that I feel so very privileged to have a career where I can strive to honour the great colleagues and my students who have shaped my life, and I am deeply grateful for this recognition.

I promise not to stop here, as always, I am open to “ Learn and Share”.
The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep…