A MindShare Podcast with Colin Duetta, Co-Founder of Xocial, on the Principle of Competitive Kindness in K-12

Tune in to learn how Game based Learning Platform, Xocial, engages students and promotes competitive kindness.

Colin is a project manager and people whisperer, able to rein in the dreamer and focus the inventor to deliver what’s been promised on time and on budget. It’s Colin’s level head, strong sense of accountability and gift for managing different personalities that ensured xocial moved from an idea to an app to a platform within a tight timeframe. “I give things their corporate wrapper,” he says. “I keep the goals of the company and investors on the radar.”

That’s been Colin’s role in a number of organizations. He is president of SPEDASSIST, a Canadian company that has developed the most efficient, user-friendly special education software on the market. Since 2000, he and Mike have co-owned a web development and graphic design agency that’s grown from a one-person shop to a 22-person creative powerhouse that’s repeatedly won international awards.

“We wanted to develop a system that would allow us to recognize the good we see around us and inspire even more of it,” Colin says. “And we’re doing it in a fun and engaging way.”