Interview with Dr. Nelson B. Heller, President of EdNET at MDR

Nelson Heller is President of EdNET at MDR, a D&B Company. EdNET publishes a weekly e-mailed industry news service, sponsors the annual EdNET: Educational Networking Conference, and offers periodic EdNET Virtual Roundtables with panels of experts regarding key issues impacting educational sales and marketing. Dr. Heller has been quoted in numerous business publications and has spoken or keynoted at many domestic and international conferences.

Nelson Heller started The Heller Reports in 1988. In 2002, the business was acquired by Scholastic Inc. and QED. Nelson joined MDR when QED was acquired by MDR in February 2009. In its early years, The Heller Reports offered periodic international EdNET Trade Missions and published two valued technology-focused newsletters—Educational Technology Markets and Internet Strategies for Education Markets—covering business opportunities in the education markets. The Heller Reports pioneered electronic education market B2B publications with a news alert service, archive, and virtual community for educational industry executives.

He previously served as research vice president for SFN, an educational and professional publisher and radio and TV industry firm; before that, he was president of Educational Programming Systems and the Technology Assisted Learning Market Information Service (TALMIS).

Dr. Heller is recipient of the “Making It Happen” education industry award. In December 2009, he was inducted into the Association of Educational Publishers’ Hall of Fame. He holds graduate degrees from MIT and a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania.