MindShare Learning Technology Partners with West

Orlando, January 26, 2017 — MindShare Learning Technology today announced it has partnered with West Corporation, a leading provider of communications services, to represent the West Education Ecosystem.

MindShare Learning Technology is Canada’s leading EdTech strategy consulting, news, and professional learning events company. Its hallmark is providing strategic solutions to learning and technology providers in the K-12, higher ed and lifelong learning space, to support student success. MindShare’s approach creates synergy within West’s Education Ecosystem by meeting emerging market needs, making connections to key players in the U.S and Canada and being a driver for collaboration and successful partnerships.

“Mindshare Learning Technology is thrilled to partner with the West Education Ecosystem, one of the premier leaders in the edtech space, as its agent in Canada” said MindShare Learning Technology’s Robert Martellacci, president & founder. “Our partnership will offer valued added services to our Canadian EdTech partners.”

The West Education Ecosystem program was created to offer organizations a new avenue for piloting, promoting, and deploying web-based education products and services that help solve education stakeholders’ biggest challenges, such as researching, evaluating, and trying new solutions for their schools and districts.

West’s Ecosystem partnership initiative was launched with the release of SchoolMessenger Passport, the single sign-on and roster data account provisioning product for school districts. Since its launch, the Education Ecosystem has added a wide variety of complementary partners representing different areas of education technology. The program itself has expanded beyond Passport to include other SchoolMessenger solutions in its family of products, reflecting school district preferences and needs.

“The West Education Ecosystem reflects innovative and market-leading products,” said Carmi Paris, vice president of business development. “We’re pleased to welcome MindShare Learning Technology to help schools simplify their discovery and use of interesting and effective edtech products.”

More details on MindShare Learning Technology’s Ecosystem participation as a representative for the Ecosystem is available at www.mindsharelearning.com

About MindShare Learning Technology

MindShare Learning is Canada’s leading EdTech industry consulting, news and events media company. MindShare counsels education and industry leaders in understanding the emerging needs of learners to succeed in the 21st Century global knowledge-based digital economy to support student success.

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