Top 5 Tips for Entering the Classroom of the Future Challenge by past winner Sandra Chow

Deadline for Canada’s 8th Annual Classroom of the Future Challenge is coming close, and I sure hope many classrooms are preparing for their submission to this very worthwhile contest. This year’s prize winners will win a Makerspace Package that includes a SMART Kapp, Dot & Dash robots, a Dell tablet, a padcaster, and a 3D printer. Imagine the learning possibilities you and your students can have.

 As you prepare for your submission, here are a few tips that will help to make your application stronger.

 1. Begin with a vision. – Your video shouldn’t be a hodge podge of all the neat tricks technology can do. Rather, as an educator, consider the role technology should play in the 21st century classroom in improving student learning. Weave a story around your vision.

 2. Capture “C21 Canada’s – 7 C’s of 21st Century Learning” – Make sure that you have captured the various components of 21st Century Learning as outlined by C21 Canada in your video.

 3. Include Student Voice – The participation of your students in the creation of the video should be evident. Your video should capture all the qualities of a 21st century classroom, that includes the active participation of students in the learning process.

 4. Invite Collaboration & Feedback – Educators should never work in silos because alone we can only accomplish so much. Inviting the participation of other colleagues will help to craft the message that you are trying to share with others. What makes sense to us is not always crystal clear for others, and having a sounding board will help to make sure that your message is clear.

 5. Have fun and be creative – Judges will be sifting through many videos. You want your submission to stand out and demonstrate the vibe that you have in your classroom. Being able to enjoy the teaching and learning process will speak loudly to the judges looking for originality, but also a place where the awards will make a positive impact.

 I wish you luck in the process. Even the process of creating the video can be an exciting opportunity for growth.


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