Top 10 February News Stories

Interview with Mike Doyle, Special Skills Development Coordinator at DSBN

1. Podcast Interview with Heidi Siwak, Central Canada winner of the 2011/12 MSL 21st Century Video Challenge  

Robert Martellacci interviews our Central Canada 2011/12 Video Challenge Winner. Listen here

2. MindShare Learning Announces Canada’s 4th Annual 21st Century Classroom Video Contest Winners 
The MindShare Learning Report – Canada’s Leading, Learning & Technology eMagazine is pleased to announce the winners of the 4th Annual MindShare Learning 21st Century Classroom Video Challenge.
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Interview with Mike Doyle, Special Skills Development Coordinator at DSBN

3. Apple’s iBooks 2 Takes a Bite out of Education 
National Post, 19/01/12

“It is innovations like iBooks 2 that “raise everyone’s game,” said Mr. Martellacci. “Apple has accelerated the process that will benefit all teachers and students in the longer term.”  Apple Inc. on Thursday launched iBooks 2, its long-awaited iPad-based platform designed to usher in the “digital destruction” of the multi-billion-dollar textbook industry – but critics suspect the tech giant’s steep device costs will keep the platform out of reach for most school boards. Read more

4. Montreal Company Creates World’s Cheapest Tablet Computer 
Geektown, 30/12/12
While thousands of Canadians packed store aisles to snag an iPad 2 or an Android-powered tablet, one Montreal company was busy creating a winning product, which would become the world’s cheapest tablet. Read more

5. 35 Fast Tips to Make This Your Best Year Yet   
I’m sitting on an airplane thinking about what the best performers and most successful people do to continually outperform everyone around them. As we enter what I hope will be the single best year of your life yet, I’ve come up with 35 Tips that I invite you to concentrate on. Read more 

6. A New Teachers Guide to EdTech   
By T.J. Fennell, Jr. Digital Education Consultant, MindShare Learning

Hello EdTech World! I have finally arrived and it is great to be here. As a new member of the MindShare Learning Team and a new teacher I am excited to connect with other EdTech advocates, to share and learn with members in the education community, and to bring new 21st century pedagogy into my teaching practice.  Read more

7. 21st Century Standards of Practice for Beginning Teachers in New Brunswick 
These Standards of Practice describe the knowledge, skills, competencies, values and personal commitment expected of beginning teachers after having completed a teacher preparation program in order to teach in New Brunswick’s inclusive public education system. Read more

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8. Online Resource Review: Adaptive Curriculum

By Timothy Gard, Educator, Toronto District School Board

Prepare. Teach. Analyze. That’s pretty much what teachers do every day; in fact, these three words are the sine qua non of a teacher’s practice. And anytime you can find that sort of clear construction built into an online teaching and learning resource, then one should sit up and take notice, and take note.

9. New Inuit language app makes learning fun for little ones 09/01/12
Young Inuit children are growing up with fast-evolving technology, but some parents fear their traditional language skills just can’t keep up. Read more

10. iPad Textbooks: Reality Less Revolutionary Than Hardware    

WIRED, 26/01/12
Much as tablet computers went mainstream in the iPad’s wake, Apple’s latest educational project heralds an age of tablet-based schoolbooks. Read more

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