Change Is A Good Thing!









By: Momita Ahmed, Junior Digital Media Intern

Being a new graduate is a strange state for anyone who, for the better part of their 20-something year old life has been resiliently attending one academic institution to another. It’s a sudden and drastic change indeed. I personally needed a few options on where and what to do with my newly appointed “graduate” status; frankly I wasn’t ready for the workforce,  so I continued in academia with a post-graduate certificate program, allowing me to hold on to that student life for just a little bit longer. Alas, even that had to end at some point; however my certificate program did ensure one factor for me: an internship.

For many out there, the word ‘internship’ brings back memories of doing menial tasks for little to no reward or work experience. This was also one of my major fears when I started mine, however after completing my 4 month internship I would have to say: drop the fears and take the risk!

A few things can happen. You may end up at a terrible internship, with no field related work and absolutely no reward, and worse, with unhelpful co-workers or you could end up loving the work, the environment and people. Either way, you’ll learn something about yourself every step of the way. Another thing about doing an internship I found amazing is the ability to try a new industry or line of work. It’s more like a trial period! I personally never imagined myself doing communications for the educational/technology sector; however my time here at MindShare Learning as allowed me to see that this can be a positive industry option for me in the future. I can still put my digital knowledge to use and be creative.

My internship with MindShare Learning has allowed me to experience meeting with industry leaders, to speak to some of the brightest minds in education from all over the world, travel to cool places, but most importantly learn through other’s experiences. I had a great place to apply my skills and receive practical feedback. So the message I’m trying to relay is: take a chance and keep an open mind. An internship will allow you to see and experience things in a different light, a way to experience a corporation’s culture or understand if the industry you really want, really wants you too.

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