First Principles for Great Relationships


By Robin Sharma

The quality of your life comes down to the quality of your relationships. With your Customers, with your suppliers, with your loved ones, with your self (big idea there). Commit to insanely great relationships (Steve Jobs coined the “insanely great” standard BTW- I adore it) and you”ll have an insanely great life. And being a great human connector is pretty easy stuff. Remember, success is all about a precise consistency around fundamentals.

The following First Principles are profoundly simple and yet simply profound (and isn”t that the case for all great truths?):

-be the first one to say hello (or namaste/Shalom/Hola etc) when you encounter another human. In other words, be kind first (takes courage because we”re all scared of rejection, not being liked etc).

-smile a lot. One of the best ways to have someone open up to you. Remember, we make lasting impressions of people within the first few minutes of meeting them. Start with a smile.

-get devoted to using people”s names. Really important. Shows that you care. A mark of respect.

-look people in the eye when you speak to them. A mark of respect.

-become a world-class listener. Get this one right and you”ll own the title of “Relationship Superstar”. Most people don”t listen. Most people are so self-focused they fail to ask good questions when they meet another person. Listening and asking questions shows humility. It shows you are interested. Demonstrates that you are engaged – and not in love with yourself. Most people”s idea of listening is waiting until the other person has finished speaking.

-offer sincere compliments. Praise is free. Never miss an opportunity to celebrate and elevate another person, whether at work or at home. You”ll connect with the best within them. And then they”ll give you their best. Leave people better than you found them.

-treat everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE; it scares me when someone”s really nice to me but rude to a waiter – no consistency there) like royalty. Behave as if you”ll never see them again. When I get home from work each day, my kids come flying around the corner and hug me. Every day. Makes me feel like a king. If I could be half as great as my kids (and children), I”d be a happy man.

Sure the above 7 ideas are simple. Master these First Principles and you”ll get to your mountaintop quicker than you can imagine. The best practice mastery around the fundamentals. Keep it simple. You”ll win. And have fun.