Governor General’s official visit to Spongelab Interactive

Spongelab Interactive | (photo Peter Power/The Globe and Mail)

The Governor General of Canada will be paying an official visit to Spongelab Interactive, an online science education company based in Toronto. His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnson’s visit takes place March 14 at 3 p.m. EST, where he will meet Spongelab’s creators and playtest their powerful online education platform.

Spongelab uses rich educational videogames, animations, and images to provide interactive models that encourage in-depth understanding of complex science. is an entirely web-based education platform for playing, teaching, and tracking the results of online learning. Interactive multimedia can be seamlessly placed in online lessons, then shared with students and integrated with powerful performance-tracking tools.

The Governor General, former president of the University of Waterloo, chose to visit Spongelab in order to learn about their innovative approach to making state-of-the-art online education free, available to all and accessible anywhere in the world. “We’re fostering a global community of science learners, students and enthusiasts,” says Spongelab co-founder Dr. Jeremy Friedberg.