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I begin my musings with a bit of a rant on Canadian Kids Near Bottom of International Physical Activity Survey. It’s alarming to me given that we’re well into the 21st century and we haven’t yet figured out how to balance off quality of life and instill good healthy habits in our kids. As David Suzuki once lamented to me, “We need to get the kids outside and off the goddamn computers.”

I couldn’t agree more! Look at the stats below.

Our youth are spending 9.3 hours a day using digital devices or watching TV. If we ranked 14th in math in the world the alarm bells would be sounding, however, it’s ok for our kids health to decline. Imagine the long-term impact on our health, if we continue at this rate.

As a hockey player, (and yes I still play along side my 83 year-old line-mate, former York U president, Ian MacDonald, who inspires me every time I’m on the ice), I have instilled a routine in myself and my kids. It’s about modeling and developing a routine.

82% of parents in Canada feel there should be more daily physical activity in schools. Studies show that students are more focused and ready to learn when they are well nourished and have expended physical energy. Let’s do a better job in ingraining the physical fitness aspect of character in our 4, 6 or 7 c’s of 21st century learning.

I promise to build a health break in our next EdTech Leadership Summit happening October 23rd at MaRs. Save the date! What is your promise?

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It was great to see Paula Bennett, newly minted CIO,  York Region District School Board at the ECNO conference this week. Congrats on the new role! YRDSB has done an excellent job in moving the whole system forward with the infusion of technology in schools. Not an easy task for a board the size of YRDSB. Keep up the great work!


Where there’s chaos there’s opportunity! The education publishing shakeout continues in Canada and beyond i.e. to quote an executive, “We have books and digital, schools aren’t buying anything!”  Hence, people movement is no surprise. Congrats to Anne-Marie Scullion moves to Apple from Pearson Canada. While James Reeves moves to Nelson Canada to head up Pearson Canada. Hang on a sec, who’s on first again? The bottom line is that publishers continue to provide a valuable service to education. However, I sense a real disconnect when I hear educators over and over talking about “FREE” resources.

Time for a Canadian Education Publishers Digital Summit.

What Do You Think is Standing in the Way of Change in Education?

DdayMusingsPicThis just in courtesy of Joanna Cotton, VP at EF Tours Canada and C21 Canada board member.

“We’re in Europe right now with 1000 students, teachers and veterans commemorating the the 70th anniversary of D-Day. We had a very moving service at the commonwealth cemetery in Cassino and the rest of the group has now moved on to Juno Beach in Normandy.  It was inspiring the see the students connecting to our past. Each one had researched a soldier who was buried at the cemetery and place a personal note on their grave.”

Very moving. Thank you for sharing Joanna.

Please keep the news flowing our way. It’s always great to hear from you!

Until next time, walk the digital talk!