Nureva HDL 300 Review – By Timothy Gard, Chief Learning Strategist

I’ve always been a fan of easy. Easy setups, easy installations, and easy on the nerves. As someone who has been in countless mid-sized and large rooms where the audio and visual design looks extreme and complicated, requiring a handful of experts close by to ensure that everything is up and running, you’ll want to read through this review of a revolutionary product that makes easy look easy. Imagine an audio-conferencing solution that provides everyone with a virtual microphone that picks up a person’s voice in any part of the room. No need for a lapel mike, multiple microphone setups, or remaining in one spot to speak! This product gives each person the flexibility to move anywhere in the room using the patented Microphone Mist™ technology. Nureva is a company that prides itself on inventing products that makes audio and video conferencing easy yet powerful. That has always been my mantra when looking for products I want to invest in. They must be easy to set up and use yet yield powerful results.

Nureva XT is the complete package of audio and visual conferencing systems. Depending on the room size, the system includes the Nureva HDL300 audio system, CV30 camera kit and a premium support package. The HDL300 system can adapt to a standard-sized classroom, or if you are in a larger room, the dual HDL300 systems will suffice. The CV30 camera includes 4K ePTZ specifications. The Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera auto tracks the speaker and can be mounted easily on a wall for convenience. The package works with multiple unified communications products, so the purchaser can easily integrate the system into their current audiovisual software platform. Also included are your installation brackets and a USB hub to connect your various devices in one location for easy management.

The Nureva cloud-based Console manages and monitors your Nureva system from anywhere. It’s a secure system that makes managing the Nureva devices simple without the need to move from room to room to manage devices that may require attention. You can monitor the system performance, tweak the system as needed and update firmware from one place. The system gives the user insights into room use and provides intelligent insights into how a room might be better managed or optimized. The Nureva Console also integrates with third-party systems for seamless integrations and management of all necessary hardware.

Nureva’s system stands head and shoulders above other similar systems because of their revolutionary Microphone Mist™ technology. This is the pinnacle point of the system. Microphone Mist technology transforms a room into a seamless communication platform. The virtual microphones fill a room so that you can still be heard regardless of where you are positioned in the space. Want to walk around the perimeter of the room? No problem! Did you want to grab a cup of coffee during audio conferencing with someone halfway around the world? No problem. Microphone Mist technology picks up your voice effortlessly and transports that remote person into the room with you. Every person in the room can be heard, and with the technology, your voice is crisp and clear. Nureva’s system also includes continuous autocalibration and a Voice Amplification Mode. No need to manually adjust the sound parameters. Nureva takes care of this automatically!

We know that education has changed radically in the last couple of years. Teaching and learning happen anywhere, and the education systems have had to adapt. Higher education is probably experiencing the most profound changes. Lectures are given at one time to a global audience and recorded for access at another time. Students and teachers can access and assimilate this information and communicate harmoniously regardless of space and time. University and college instructors lecture in hybrid contexts where the resultant amalgam is powerful. As these contexts continue to evolve and advance, we need the tools to ensure that hardware does not mitigate these dynamic contexts. Nureva is that kind of a tool!

If you want a proven, cost-effective and reliable hardware tool that helps to bridge the gap between the traditional educational systems and the brave new world that is now upon us, then I would investigate how Nureva can help your school or educational system make this work. Below are some links to some videos giving you a first-hand look into how the system works as well as more details about securing a product trial and introduction. I think it would be well worth your time! Two thumbs up for Nureva and their innovative and visionary audio and visual tools platform!

Nureva HDL300 Audio Conferencing System Demonstration
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