Podcast Interview with Kate Gatto, TakingItGlobal for Educators (TIGed)


I recently had the chance to catch up with the TakingItGlobal team down at their Toronto offices to find out more about TakingItGlobal for Educators (TIGed).

TIGed in its sixth year running, it’s summed up as a community of globally-minded educators, global resource hub, and a virtual classroom platform designed to support global collaboration between classes. Teachers truly have the ability to power their students to shape a better world. It is technology to explore and facilitate global learning experiences.

Membership to TIGed allows teachers access to virtual classrooms. Each virtual classroom space. Each virtual classroom space has tools to blog, podcast, share photos and video, send direct messages, and share online files. Teachers can choose to collaborate with just their own students, or they can work with other classrooms in global partnerships all in a secure and private space. Users benefit from a community of participants who actively contribute content and post news, as well as participate in international learning projects and discussions about current events, and global life. Students using TIGed become global citizens who are strong cross-cultural communicators, technically savvy and knowledgable of current events.

TIGed also offers professional development e-courses for educators from around the world. Each 5-week online course is led by an experienced global educator who leads participants through different examples and strategies for implementing effective collaborative global learning projects. We should all watch out for TIGed’s new courses coming in the Spring in Environmental Stewardship and Student Voice – they’re sure to be great additions to the current offering, “Project-based Learning for Global Citizenship.”

Best Practices Guide: http://www.tigweb.org/tiged/bp/
TakingItGlobal Website:  tiged.org
TIG Professional Development: pd.tiged.org

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