The Education Transformation Corner – Part 2: Engaging Partners and the Community for Effective Transformation

Congratulations – you’re on the path to school transformation and to creating a more personalized learning experience for all. You’re joining the many schools across Canada moving towards empowering their students and improving learning environments to help students become more successful, adaptive, and innovative lifelong learners. Last month we discussed getting started on the path to Education Transformation. To continue this journey and help education leaders navigate and fast track this process, we’ll be discussing an additional component of the framework – engaging partners and the community as well as providing resources to streamline transformation.

How do you develop a personalized learning experience in a 21st century learning environment? One great place to start is by leveraging your community. Education leaders need to consider how to engage partners in their transformation journey and how they can best leverage the community to support this motion. Public-private education partnerships are catalysts to increasing enrolment, student outcomes, and achieving cost efficiencies. Effective transformative partnerships are formed through a shared vision and the commitment to the power of education to transform lives, communities, institutions, and nations. Learn more about best practices from around the globe on how to create these effective partnerships here.

Microsoft is committed to helping schools improve education and personalized learning through 21st century transformation. No matter what component of the framework you’re at, Microsoft has resources, tools, and partners to help streamline this transition.

Next month we’re going to dive deeper into the critical conversation of “Vision Design for Education Transformation” in our Transformation Corner. We also hope that you will join us in our upcoming webinar on November 16 on this topic, which will be hosted by Maria Langworthy. This session will address vision design – the starting place for holistic transformation of education in a digital era. Maria will discuss evidence and examples of how vision design can inspire successful transformation and offer diverse exemplars of schools and systems that have developed such visions to guide their transformation. We will also highlight how technology can enable and accelerate progress and provide recommendations based on the research evidence for those beginning the vision design process.

We want to help you stimulate meaningful conversations and streamline 21st century transformation. Don’t forget to check back next month in the Education Transformation Corner of the MindShare Learning Report to continue your transformation journey!