Top 10 lessons I’ve learned in life thanks to Pepperdine University

“The only sign of life is growth,”was the yearbook message from my Grade 12 English teacher. With this in mind, I decided to take time out of my busy schedule to enhance my own professional learning, by joining the fellow Pepperdine U alumni spanning some 15 years of the MA program.

As I reflect back on this learning adventure, I am inspired by the fellow alums, professors and new cadre members at Pepperdine. I feel extremely privileged to have expanded my Community of Practice (COP) well beyond my expectations. I’ve added some amazingly successful, dedicated and smart people to my circle of friends and colleagues. Yes, I subscribe to that notion of surrounding myself with smarter people.

An inspiring pic I took atop Hereos Garden while at Pepperdine University Recently

My Alumni Conference (Cadre Camp) experience not only recharged my batteries, but it also raised my game. I gained a deeper appreciation for our EdTech profession and the critical role we play in nurturing and leading the digital learning revolution upon us.

Given my masters in EdTech experience first time around, this Cadre Camp was equally transformational. The experience exceeded expectations from the awesome presentations to the informal learning opportunities, the spectacular Pepperdine U Malibu Campus, and most importantly the people.

What became crystal clear to me during my three-day learning adventure is that it’s about the people, not the technology. I came away with fresh ideas to test drive on the MindShare Learning roadmap. Thanks to Bill, Debby, Julie, and Pepperdine, of course, for making this an amazing and unique experience.
These are my Top 10 lessons I’ve learned in Life and from Cadre Camp:

1. Take time out to augment your expertise. Get away from day-to-day activities each year to engage in your own professional learning, connect with colleagues, and envision your future. Reflect! I hope Cadre Camp becomes an annual event! Sign me up!

2. It’s about people first, not technology! The cross-cadre collaboration amongst alums made for amazing conversations and connections. I came to appreciate what the true drivers are in education. Technology can be an enhancer to learning, if used effectively in the classroom.

3. Surround yourself with smarter people than you. I was honoured to be surrounded by so many bright and passionate alums, students from a wide range of careers in education from K20 to industry, and military college…very cool to see fellow alums succeed and how they’ve used their Pepperdine experience in the world.

4. Stay connected and broaden your Personal Learning Network (PLN) beyond your comfort level.

5. Focus on Listening Skills to experience deeper learning. Cadre Camp has taken my game to a new level. Perhaps a combination of listening, being inspired by fellow cadre members sharing their transformation and appreciating the opportunity to have gone through the OMET program.

6. Lead by Example…Never Stop Changing the World.
We were challenged to change the world upon graduation. I’ve begun one country at a time (with Canada). Cadre Camp reinforced the important role we play in education as EdTech leaders. I’ve come back to Canada more passionate and appreciative of the opportunity to learn and grow thanks to my fellow alums and former professors.

7. Keep the learning curve steep! That’s my tagline as a lifelong learner! Create your own personal learning philosophy to inspire others.

8. Innovate! With the digital revolution upon us, we have the opportunity to support and drive the transformation and challenge old conventions. I’ve come back to Canada with incredible ideas that emerged from my collaboration with fellow Cadre members that will help me both personally and professionally.

9. It’s a process! Problem solve! Applying the Action Research oriented approach (as experienced in our Master’s program) to my business has infused a culture of continuous improvement.

10. Connect to Success! This is our company tagline. I thrive on nurturing the growth and success of our education and industry partners through MindShare Learning. We always look for a Win-Win!

If you’re looking to augment your expertise in the field of learning and technology or searching for a career change in an emerging space then I highly recommend the Pepperdine University MALT program.

In closing, thank you for helping me deepen my learning and igniting my innovative spirit to envision the future directions of MindShare Learning.

Until next time, keep the learning curve steep!