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Jacob Podcast

Exclusive Podcast With Jacob Lingley

Last year’s MindShare Digital Learning Video Challenge contest winner, Jacob Lingley, shares how he inspired his students to be creators.  

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CBC Interviews New Brunswick’s Winner of Canada’s 6th Annual Digital Learning Video Challenge

CBC News recently interviewed Jacob Lingley of Bliss Carmen Middle School, Fredericton, New Brunswick on his winning video. Bliss Carmen Middle School will be receiving $15,000 in tech prizes!

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MindShare Learning with TakingItGlobel

I enjoyed interviewing Jennifer Corriero, co-founder TakingITglobal at the SCDSB Learning With Technology Conference: Parents and Teachers Working Together.  

May 2013 Top Ten

Dear Thought Leader, Speaking of June, with graduation upon us, we’re thrilled to celebrate the accomplishments of students’ across the country who have achieved the extraordinary. Please drop me a note to share…


Learning is Changing whether we like it or not!

As I mentioned in my previous blog post , I had the privilege of presenting at the On the Rise K-12 Digital Learning Conference last week. I focused on the following points in…

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Storytelling as an essential skill in the 21st century

By Aislinn Malszecki, Digital Media, MindShare Learning | @MindShareYouth For the past few editions, the Youth File has been exploring essential skills for students in the 21st century, from entrepreneurship to design thinking. And how…


A lesson in “design thinking” for students

By Aislinn Malszecki, Digital Media Specialist, MindShare Learning Follow on Twitter @MindShareYouth The “design-thinking” process for education championed by IDEO and the d.school at Stanford are a method to problem-solving and improving the…


Re-imagining the educational experience through games

By Aislinn Malszecki, Digital Media Specialist, MindShare Learning “Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.” – Joseph Chilton Pearce Play is at the heart of games. To wonder,…


Entrepreneurship: An essential skill for young grads

By Aislinn Malszecki, Digital Media Specialist, MindShare Learning Albert Einstein once said “I never worry about the future. It comes soon enough.” In times when the future is uncertain or even ambiguous, many…


Youth Fusion: Helping curb Quebec’s high dropout rate

Let’s face it: Canada (and the world) is more complex, connected and interdependent than ever. The new generation of Canadian leaders face challenges that are said to be more daunting and difficult than…

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