Back-to-School September MindShare Musings

My “ah ha” EdTech moment occurred this summer while at Pepperdine University’s 15th Anniversary EdTech alumni conference. I met many remarkable and passionate EdTech leaders, who inspired me to raise my game as leader. The special skills of educators bring out the magic in using ICT. I trust that this magic is reflected in our improved MSL Report. The following are 7 special skills I discovered in my EdTech colleagues:

  • They are relentless in honing their craft
  • They are great storytellers and love to share
  • They are not all tech geeks, myself included!
  • They see the value in collaboration
  • They are passionate about learning and making a difference in kids’ lives
  • They lead by example
  • They have “hard fun” as our program chair would suggest

This is truly a year of great anticipation and without a doubt, the year for mobile learning to achieve the classic “tipping-point” in education. While many schools have yet to embrace mobile learning and BYOD, the early adopters are paving the way and taking their knocks in the process. For those districts still hesitating, the following chart provides some compelling stats, thanks to Chip Fesko, MindShare’s advisory board member, who shared these additional thoughts:

According to Malcolm Gladwell, who wrote the book, The Tipping Point, it is “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.”

Based on the growth of the mobile related areas below, it’s not hard to believe that Gladwell’s theory may no longer remain merely a theory by year end for the mobile sector. All across the mobile sector on a global scale we are seeing “hockey stick” like growth charts.

Congratulations to Chip Fesko, who recently published his first children’s book. I had no idea he possessed this special gift!

Speaking of growth, I noted a recent tweet from CommuniTech that CEOs of Canada’s fastest growing companies work over 60 hours a week. As I write this piece just before midnight, it goes to show that nothing replaces hard work and whether you’re establishing a business or career, the key is finding your passion and going for it.

I continue to be impressed with Dr. Tony Bates, professor emeritus at UBC, who continues to produce great research in the online learning space. You can follow Dr. Bates via his awesome blog.

Congratulations to Dr. Heli Vail, who is now heading up the technology round table for The Learning Partnership. We met a couple of weeks ago to explore strengthening our partnership.

On the International front, Dr. Eric Hamilton, Pepperdine University and MSL Report Advisory Board member shared that his learning technology experiences in both Australia and Africa were amazing. “We have been having intensive teacher professional development workshops this month. I have taken a leave of absence from the position of associate Dean to concentrate fully on our research projects. It appears that we will be able to start a significant bilateral research collaboration with partners in Finland. This will take about a semester of my time on a full-time basis this coming academic year, “ says Dr. Hamilton. The work is funded by the National Science Foundation.

I was recently honoured to be featured in the prestigious “5 Things I’ve Learned” global project with the Pearson Foundation. Click here to read inspiring words of wisdom from some of the brightest minds in education around the world!

source: The Five Thinkgs I’ve Learned

If you have a success story, or great news to share about people on the move, then please do share! Until next time, walk the digital talk! Cheers, R.