Five tips for your MindShare Learning Digital Learning Video entry…

As a professional video editor, I know how fun and exciting creating a video can be. The possibilities are endless, and that can be overwhelming for the creative process sometimes. Never fear – I’ve got some tips that will help you develop and construct a winning video entry!

5 tips

  1. Start with a strong hook. Just like planning a lesson or writing a story, you need to start with something that will grab attention and get the viewer interested. The goal should be to captivate the audience to maintain their attention throughout the duration of your video.
  2. Good audio is more important than you think. Don’t focus solely on the visuals of your video entry. Good audio should be a priority since it can hide weak or disjointed visuals. Clear narration can strengthen connections between video edits. Smart music choices can elevate the pacing of your video, keeping the audience engaged. Sound effects can add depth to your video, sometimes revealing more than narration can in a brief, singular moment. Use audio to explain, contrast, or make connections between the visuals on the screen.
  3. Get the most out of online resources. Missing some video assets? Need images for a montage? Looking for royalty-free music that won’t have your video flagged on YouTube? There are so many free resources for video-makers online, it’s amazing. For example, you can search Creative Commons for digital elements you can modify, adapt, or build upon in your video. Just make sure you cite appropriately in the credits of your video.
  4. Answer a question. Think of one over arching question that your video is going to try to answer. You don’t necessarily have to state the question for your viewer, just explore one big question, and further questions that might emerge from your answer.
  5. Watch, re-edit, repeat. No video project is perfect after the first edit. When you think your project is finished, leave it for a day or so and then come back to it. With a fresh pair of eyes you’ll be able to make any necessary changes that will improve your digital masterpiece. Be careful not to over edit your video, though, sometimes less is more. Be discerning and get feedback from others when you can.


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