Youth File: Globalization Meets Technology

In the age of globalization and the 21 century society, access to technology for youth is a critical subject.  In this edition of the MindShare Learning Report we’re looking at Education on a Global scale and it appears that young people everywhere are faced with the challenge of attempting to broaden their horizons and become global citizens yet often their governments and domestic infrastructure do not support this requirement.  From financial restrictions to developmental problems, the majority of the world’s youth have limited access to the Internet.   The 21st century society has definitely changed the learning, working and social expectations for young people.  It is us the youth, the younger generation who feel much more comfortable using technology to learn and discover; expand our knowledge.  Youth all over the world are taking charge of their own learning in the ways that suit them the best, whether it is individual needs or simply out of interest.  A huge crashing wave of Internet & tech savvy youth are taking advantage of various technologies, both by themselves and as a group, to harness their own 21st century skills and enhance their learning.