MindShare Learning moment with Judy Dallas and George Ambeault at the IT4k12 conference

[audio:https://mindsharelearning.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Judy-Dallas-ERAC-Podcast-EDITED.mp3|titles=Judy Dallas ERAC Podcast]

Robert Martellacci, president and publisher, MindShare Learning had a mindshare learning moment with Judy Dallas and George Ambeault recently at the IT4k12 Conference hosted in Vancouver recently by ERAC.

ERAC’s current Executive Director, Judy Dallas, has announced her retirement. During her leadership over the past four years, ERAC has developed common evaluation criteria for evaluating learning resources across all media, and the online catalogue to share those evaluations, as well as a new sustainable business model for the organization. We’d like to recognize Judy for the significant legacy she has given to public education. Good-bye and Thank You to Judy, and Welcome to George Ambeault.